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Kayden Chan

After leaving their
extraterrestrial amphibian
lifestyle to join earth, Kayden Chan hones their craft by manifesting illustrations, concept and game art. They are based on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada despite their daydreams of a frosty mountain cabin with an endless supply of warm coco. 

The work that they manifest is heavily inspired by psychological narratives, decorative surrealism, and the chaos that is indie gaming. Their main aspiration is to illustrate and develop an interactive world of digital dreams.  When they’re not trying to summon a fully developed game title, they enjoy taking hikes, creating sweet warm drinks, and questioning the line between food categories.



Awards & Recognition
2021 | Sheridan Student Union Award
award of excellence
2021 | American Illustration 40
Chosen online Winner
2021 | Pixelles BIPOC Creator Fund
Selected game Project: “The Bird of the Land and Sea”
2021 | Communication Arts Illustration Competition 2020

Students Award
2021 | Creative Quarterly 63 Illustration: Student
Runner Up

2020-Present | Freebird Games Inc.
Four Month Internship & current game Artist 
2019 | Sheridan College (Interactive Mural Commitee)
Visual Designer & 3D Modeler
2018-2019 | Creative Humanities
Logo & Graphic Designer

2017-2021 | Sheridan College 
Honours Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) in Illustration, SSU Award of Excellence
2013-2017 | Unionville High School 
High School Diploma, Visual Arts Award

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe AfterEffect, Blender, Unity, Procreate, Aesprite, ClipStudioPaint, Live2D Cubism

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