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original Paintings

Upbringing is a series of illustrations that metaphorically describe the circumstances of a forced lifestyle. These original characters derive from a fictional universe about a selection of humans who were chosen and forced into becoming a bio-medically enhanced “superhero” to fix humanities’ problems.


As one of the more publicly acceptable experiments, Mailou has the abilities of a nutritional substrate. He’s able to grow and harvest any plant from his skin only if he understands the genetic makeup of the specimen. Although the nutrition he feeds to his plants is mental energy.


Although she is the sister to a important political figure, Khamen obtains one of the self-destructive abilities. She is able digest any type of material and process it into another material; due to her circumstance, she is often fed bioharzardous waste.


Despite her previous fame and glory as a 2 time olympic medal swimmer, Venah has the ability of a filter feeder. Robbed of the joy of swimming, she passively purifies water but absorbs any foreign particles. To her lungs, swimming is compared to smoking chlorine.

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